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Academic Year 2013

  1. Makihara, D. (2013) Challenges in rice cultivation in Africa and their countermeasures. Research for Tropical Agriculture 6: 33-37.
  2. Kihoro, J., Bosco, N. J., Murage, H., Ateka, E. and Makihara, D. (2013) Investigating the impact of rice blast disease on the livelihood of the local farmers in greater Mwea region of Kenya. SpringerPlus 2: 308.
  3. Shelley, I. J., Nishiuchi, S., Shibata, K. and Inukai, Y. (2013) SLL1, which encodes a member of the stearoyl-acyl carrier protein fatty acid desaturase family, is involved in cell elongation in lateral roots via regulation of fatty acid content in rice. Plant Sci. 207: 12-17.
  4. Kano-Nakata, M., Gowda, V., Henry, A., Serraj, R., Inukai, Y., Fujita, D., Kobayashi, N., Suralta, R. and Yamauchi, A. (2013) Functional roles of the plasticity of root system development in dry matter production and water uptake under rainfed lowland conditions. Field Crops Research 144: 288-296.
  5. Mitsuya, S., Katsutoshi, K. and Takabe, T. (2013) Tissue localization of the glycine betaine biosynthetic enzymes in barley leaves. Plant Production Science 16: 117-122.

Academic Year 2014

  1. Sakurai, T., Nasuda, A., Murage, H. and Makihara, D. (2014) Impact of adopting a new cash crop: A randomized rice seed provision trial in the Kenyan highlands. The Japanese Journal of Rural Economics 16: 25-32.
  2. Tran, T. T., Kano-Nakata, M., Takeda, M., Menge, D., Mitsuya, S., Inukai, Y. and Yamauchi, A. (2014) Nitrogen application enhanced the expression of developmental plasticity of root system triggered by mild drought stress in rice. Plant Soil. 378: 139-152.
  3. Kano-Nakata, M., Tatsumi, J., Inukai, Y., Asanuma, S. and Yamauchi, A. (2014) Effect of various intensities of drought stress on δ13C variation among plant organs in rice: comparison of two cultivars. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 5: 1686-1693.
  4. Nasuda, A., Sakurai, T., Murage, H. and Makihara, D. (2014) Dual role of irrigation schemes for NERICA diffusion in the central highlands in Kenya: sources of supplemental water and technology information. Journal of International Cooperation for Agricultural Development 13: 29-37.

Academic Year 2015

  1. Wainaina, C. M., Inukai, Y., Masinde, P. W., Ateka, E. M., Murage,H., Kano-Nakata, M., Nakajima, Y., Terashima, T., Mizukami, Y., Nakamura, M., Nonoyama, T., Saka, N., Asanuma, S., Yamauchi, A., Kitano, H., Kimani, J., and Makihara, D. (2015) Evaluation of cold tolerance in NERICAs compared with Japanese standard rice varieties at the reproductive stage. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, 201: 461-472.
  2. Tran, T. T., Kano-Nakata, M., Suralta, R. R., Menge, D., Mitsuya, S., Inukai, Y. and Yamauchi, A. (2015) Root plasticity and its functional roles were triggered by water deficit but not by the resulting changes in the forms of soil N in rice. Plant Soil. 386:65-76.
  3. Kameoka, E., Suralta, R., Mitsuya, S. and Yamauchi, A. (2015) Matching the expression of root plasticity with soil moisture availability maximizes rice productivity under drought. Plant Production Science18: 267-276.
  4. Mitsuya, S., Tsuchiya, A., Kono-Ozaki, K., Fujiwara, T., Takabe, T. and Takabe, T. (2015) Functional and expression analyses of two kinds of betaine aldehyde dehydrogenases in a glycinebetaine-hyperaccumulating graminaceous halophyte, Leymus chinensis. SpringerPlus 4: 202.
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  7. Kameoka, E., Suralta, R. R., Mitsuya, S. and Yamauchi, A. (2016) Developmental plasticity of rice root system grown under mild drought stress condition with shallow soil depth; comparison between nodal and lateral roots. Plant Production Science 19: 411-419.
  8. Kano-Nakata, M., Inukai, Y. and Yamauchi, A. (2015) Mechanisms of development root plasticity for plants adaptation to water stress in rice. Root Research 24: 53-62.

Academic Year 2016

  1. Kundu, C. A., Ishii, M., Sato, K., Masunaga, T., Wanjogu, R. K., Njagi, R. E., Yamauchi, A. and Makihara, D. (2016) Evaluation of soil chemical properties under paddy production system in central Kenya: soil exchangeable cations. Journal of Agricultural Science 8: 136-148.
  2. Gichuhi, E., Himi, E., Takahashi, H., Zhu, S., Doi, K., Tsugane, K. and Maekawa, M. (2016) Dentification of QTLs for yield-related traits in RILs derived from the cross between pLIA-1 carrying Oryza longistaminata chromosome segments and Norin 18 in rice. Breeding Science 66: 720-733.
  3. Gichuhi, E., Himi, E., Takahashi, H. and Maekawa, M. (2016) Characterization and QTL analysis of Oryza longistaminata introgression line, pLIA-1, derived from a cross between Oryza longistaminata and Oryza sativa (Taichung 65) under non-fertilized conditions. Rice Research 4:3:174.
  4. Gichuhi, E., Himi, E., Nisar, A., Takahashi, H. and Maekawa, M. (2016) Preliminary QTL detection for improving Basmati rice in F2 population derived from the cross between Kernel Basmati and pLIA-1 carrying Oryza longistaminata chromosome. SABRAO Journal of Breeding and Genetics 48 (4) : 402-415
  5. Wainaina, C. M., Makihara, D., Samejima, H., Kikuta, M., Menge, D. M., Kimani, J. M. and Inukai, Y. (2017) Development of a new cultivation technology for cold stress escape through flowering time manipulation by water management in the highlands of East Africa. Journal of International Cooperation for Agricultural Development 15: 32-41
  6. Kikuta, M., Makihara, D., Arita N., Miyazaki, A. and Yamamoto, Y. (2017) Growth and yield responses of upland NERICAs to variable water management under field conditions. Plant Production Science, 20 :36-46.
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Academic Year 2017

  1. Kundu, C. A., Ishii, M., Sato, K., Wanjogu, R. K., Makihara, D., Yamauchi, A. and Masunaga, T. (2017) An assessement of paddy production system in Central Kenya with special reference to micronutrients. Journal of Agricultural Science 9(6): 49-63